Being you is good enough to me.

18. from Philippines. 1/3directioner, 2/3 harmonizer. Definitely a SWIFTIE.
My tumblr is the closest thing you'll ever get to know me deeper than anyone in the outside world has... This is my personal space that isn't so personal...
I ship rivergron, brittana, camren, monchelle, brucas, steroline, steferine,shayley, hannily, spemily, ian/nina, and a lot more. I love Zac Efron and Finn harries.


This dinner screams hannily vs emison

"I feel like this storyline should be more about me and less about your straight friend. She is straight, right?" -Paige McCullers, probably



Y’all, seriously, if making it long enough to see all of the behind the scenes exposés that will finally, eventually come out doesn’t inspire you to get up in the morning and slog through yet another day, I have nothing for you. 


iron man (2008)

Fifth Harmony on MTV's Wolf Watch 7-21-14



"And what do we say to death?""Not today."

"The fuck out my face"



"And what do we say to death?"

"Not today."

"The fuck out my face"

Everyone’s always asking if I’m okay and I feel like I have to say yes or they’re gonna make me keep talking about it… And I don’t want to.


On the edge of something real